Onboarding from

70 Days to 1 Day

Onboarding from 70 Days to 1 Day


Oh My Growth took a B2B onboarding process from 14 weeks to one day. This saved the Sales and Marketing resource 13 weeks of back and forth calling, Instead, potential clients received relevant pre-existing content via personalized email distribution.

Investing time in building personas and applying behavior psychology is time well spent. Targeted market research and in-depth analysis of the behavior patterns of these personas will help you understand your ideal persona and the sales funnel they will need to go through before onboarding to your service. Once you know this information, it is easier to repeat these successes. 

The Challenges

When I started work for this company, the Marketing, Operations and Sales departments were not communicating effectively. These departments each have different data sets and the data need to be connected in order to save time and, most of all, company resources.

As a B2B company, they need to build a lot of trust before clients would onboard, and this process was taking too long. Potential clients were also constantly requesting changes to the contract, creating further delays and wasting resources. For the CLV to be profitable, they needed a 3-year minimum term, this placed pressure on negotiations and created a significant challenge.

The client had already invested time and energy in content marketing research and the copy was already done. However, the distribution was limited to the website. Hotjar and Google Analytics validated this with data. 

The Solution

After setting up a process for collecting and sharing data between the different departments, we were able to combine the results with the content from the Marketing Department and automate the outreach of the Sales Department. We also made this activity visible to the Operation Department so that contracts would not be renegotiated. The net result was signing and onboarding a new client in one day vs 70 days.



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