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“Hi {First-Name}, How nice that you are in the same field as I am. I am trying to connect with like-minded people.”The word is out, not original anymore. Does it still work?

The funnel was visible and it was clear that the top of the funnel had to be filled. The goal is established now is how to reach it. I started with identifying the personas. For this communication, the sales team was very important for me to see what is the tone of voice and at what point would sales need to take over from the automation

Everything was done manually, except for some automation. However, these email automation were only used for inbound marketing. We worked out the funnel to see where the bottleneck was. Focusing on what data point this company wanted to improve we set up tracking with the CRM tool (Hubspot & Sales Force), Google analytics and google tag manager. The data and the funnel gave a clear indication that the top of the funnel needs to be filled. Because once contacted they would convert (altho this would take a while see Case X here)

After brainstorming on how to do this without using too many resources. I decided to automate outreach that after engagement from the potential client can be picked up by sales. build an integration with LinkedIn and the CRM system (Hubspot) the sales team was using.

After 4 months of testing and optimizing there was the first fully automated client. No Sales contract and signed for 3 years right away after one LinkedIn outreach where he clicked through to plan in a meeting, read a blog on the website, that triggered a follow-up email if he read the blog completely, with email content to sign up and sign for 3 years. All this content was personalized with his interaction.

The top of the funnel grew by 100% every month for 3 months.

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