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FinTech companies have been popping up everywhere. With the rise of crypto coins and normalization of blockchain, there is a new buzzword in town. The thing is all new things that are a huge hype, are not always trusted. How do you build trust with your potential clients? When it sounds too good to be true. Decentralized money?! For this company the first question was. What is the goal? Their answer: increasing blog views. 

It’s very important to not only know what your Key performance metrics are but also why you would want that number to go up.

After quantitative and qualitative research, the data indicated that the buyer persona who fits with this company did not trust the company. With this information we had a brainstorm session and made an overview of ranked advertisement ideas. Writing content that is trustable will increase likelihood of onboarding. Another highly ranked idea was using the IKEA-effect, by creating curiosity and investment of time. 

The IKEA effect is a cognitive bias in which consumers place a disproportionately high value on products they partially created.”

The value you have for furniture you created yourself or assembled yourself is higher than something you just buy. This effect is what we created by adding a calculation to one of the landing pages of this client.

The calculator created, calculated how much the initial investment would have been worth now if they invested X-money X-time ago.

That triggers curiosity where the potential clients could ask for more information and create the value the FinTech company could have for its potential clients. This leads to the increased time spent on the website due to engaging content. The results of this content follows a trigger to read more on how this fund could make them this amount of money. 

More top of the funnel leads and the opportunity to build trust!

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