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What is the content market fit? This is just a new marketing acronym I made. Why did I make it because the market asked for it. Content market fit comes after product-market fit. Once you know there is a market for your product this is created. You know people are buying congratulations you are going to make money. This company has a good turnover and is a known brand. When I started research for their growth efforts I asked for their buyer persona/ customer profiles. They did not have these and because there was also no CRM system this was even harder to trace. (that is a whole other blog to write about).

After going through all the content they ever created. I saw a trend. Funny content works for them. They were making super fashionable pretty content. They envision themselves as fashionistas. Based on past engagement the fashion content was not why the audience was following and completely engaging. The whole company is young and fun and as they are an eyewear company they have glass cleaners that are wrapped in condom wrappers. Because they thought it was funny. However, they never created a marketing campaign behind it. To create something that was already at the core of the company and connect this with the audience I created a concept. This was then the most viewed content they ever had and now still ranks at the top 3 for advertising content. Unfortunately, it is not possible to advertise on Facebook and Instagram because of “nudity” restrictions. They could however try digital paid advertisements with this content on pornhub. A chance was missed there!

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