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Content market fit is a new marketing concept that has been gaining attention lately. This concept comes after product-market fit and is the process of ensuring that your content aligns with your target market’s needs and interests.

During my research on a company’s growth efforts, I discovered that they had not developed buyer personas or customer profiles, which made it difficult to trace their customers. This was a concern, but it led me to delve deeper into their content. I found that the company’s most successful content was humorous, despite their focus on creating fashionable and trendy content.

Although they saw themselves as fashion-forward, their target audience was more engaged with the company’s fun and youthful side. Notably, the company had previously wrapped their glass cleaners in condom wrappers as a humorous touch, but they never developed a marketing campaign around it. To tap into their audience’s core and create a concept, I worked on this humor angle, which quickly became the most viewed content the company ever had.

Unfortunately, the company’s content could not be advertised on Facebook and Instagram due to their “nudity” restrictions. However, I suggested digital paid advertisements on other platforms like Pornhub to maximize the content’s reach. It was a missed opportunity that could have brought in significant results.

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