Product-market fit. Who is your ideal customer? This is a question to ask to all of your clients. While every entrepreneur has a vision of whom they are marketing. Your mission and vision are not always aligned. How you see the world is not always how the world sees you. 

The client wanted digital advertisements to get sales. I did already know that this is a new fashion brand with no brand awareness yet. I set up sales focussed advertisements. The first strategy for a client with no data is to back up all the assumptions. This is called finding product-market fit. Where the client wanted to market to their ideal customer profile: a young professional woman in the age group 25-30. The reality is that the age group 45+was buying the collection. My advice after this finding was to create content more focused on the target audience that is buying the product. With this, I mean models in that age group for product shoots and a combination of 25-30 and 45+ for editorial shoots. 

After a week of allocation more budget to the target group, 45+ CTR and sales via digital marketing went up. Changing the strategy to create the next campaign more around the age group that is actually buying their product. Learning for everyone data-driven content creation will lead to higher CTR and conversion.

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