Case Study

Onboarding from 70 Days to 1 Day

Oh My growth took a B2B onboarding of 14 weeks to one day. Saving Sales and Marketing resources of 13 weeks of calling back and forth, informing the potential client of content that is already written and available in personalized email distribution. 

Project Overview

Investing time in building personas and behavior psychology is worth it. Due to the market research and in-depth analysis of behavior patterns of these personas. If you know your ideal persona and know the funnel they go through before onboarding to your service, then it is easier to repeat these successes. When I started work for this company the marketing department, operations department and the sales department were not communicating. These departments have different data and these points need to be connected to save everybody time and, most of all, the company resources. 

The client has a B2B company where a lot of trust needs to be built. When I started working for them the onboarding took too long. Potential clients wanted to constantly change the contract which leads to a long onboarding. New clients would have to sign for 3 years to get to a profitable CLV. This was a big bottleneck to start with.

A Lot of content marketing research and writing was already done. However, the distribution was only available on the website. Hotjar and Google Analytics validated this with data. After communicating with these different departments and collecting data from these different departments we combined the content from the marketing department, automated the outreach of the sales department, and made these efforts visible with the operation department.

The tools used to realize this goal