Hi there,

I make companies say Oh, My Growth as an experienced Founder & Growth hacker, I like helping companies with any challenges related to digital growth, Automation, and marketing. 🚀

I work as a Freelancer / Interim Head of Growth. I have worked with startups, scale-ups, and multinationals. Also I am not shy in trying out new markets. I worked for a FinTech company, MedTech company and also clients in the cultural sector. Selecting these different clients and experiences work for me because I am curious and like recognizing patterns. When you’re busy with data this is what you can notice really quickly, patterns do not lie. I work with the strategy of data-driven decision making focussing on qualitative and qualitative data. I have a structured process for growth and I like also facilitating this in workshops. 

Reach out to discuss any challenges related to your growth marketing strategy!