Hi there,

As an experienced Founder and Growth Hacker, I specialize in helping companies achieve rapid growth, automation, and marketing success. My proven expertise and extensive experience in these areas have enabled me to help startups, scale-ups, and multinationals overcome a range of challenges.

As a versatile Freelancer and Interim Head of Growth. I have worked with FinTech companies, Med-Tech companies, and clients in the cultural sector, among others. By selecting diverse clients and experiences, I am able to remain curious and recognize patterns that contribute to my strategies.

My approach to growth is anchored in data-driven decision-making, focusing on both qualitative and quantitative data. I have developed a structured process for growth, which I also enjoy facilitating in workshops.

If you are facing any challenges related to your growth marketing strategy, I invite you to reach out to me to discuss how I can help you achieve growth.